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QAWeb Enterprise ti aiuta a gestire la qualità e ad assicurare la conformità della tua azienda sanitaria in espansione con meno sforzi, costi inferiori, e completa fiducia. Questo sistema completamente automatizzato e sicuro garantisce una qualità dell'immagine costante e tempi di attività per tutti i sistemi di visualizzazione PACS all'interno della struttura e dell'intera azienda.

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Powerful tools to manage workstations from anywhere, at anytime


Customize policies to meet your quality requirements


Effortless compliance and smart reporting


Assured security and patient privacy

Comply with regulations and standards

According to a survey from The MarkeTech Group, 2017, 95% of IT respondents struggle with the complexity of complying to changing QC requirements and guidelines. That’s why Barco developed QAWeb Enterprise. It automates QA and compliance tests, and thanks to auto-healing, issues can be resolved in no time from anywhere, reducing effort and cost.

Scalable across your enterprise

QAWeb Enterprise meets the needs of expanding healthcare organizations. The sophisticated system grows with your enterprise, enabling you to maximize IT resources and assure uptime while reducing costs. Thanks to the central, secure, and flexible structure of QAWeb Enterprise, you can customize policies, tailor views and mange notifications to fit your needs.

Flexible policies tailored to your needs

You are in full control: customize policies and schedule tasks to fit your timetable and quality plan.

Customized views

Customized views and smart notifications present the right information to the right person at the right time.

Intuitive and powerful new dashboard

Meet a new, intuitive dashboard that provides a centralized overview of all facilities and workstations. QAWeb Enterprise offers custom views with simple filtering options and intuitive navigation control. 

Insightful reporting

For IT managers, it’s crucial to have an overview of compliance and QA status at all times. With QAWeb Enterprise, you can easily access reports and prepare for audits. Keep an eye on all assets, usage, lifetime, and warranty so you can optimize the value of your investment and plan your budget accordingly. 

Securely connect from anywhere

If you are looking for a modern, cyber-secure platform that is compliant with privacy regulations, your answer is QAWeb Enterprise. Our solution is easy to configure and simple to deploy, with no local server needed.

Always a clear view, no matter where you are.

Discover more about the connectivity and security architecture of QAWeb Enterprise


A cloud-based solution to suit your needs

This industry-leading solution helps you manage quality and assure compliance of your expanding healthcare enterprise with less effort, lower cost and complete confidence.

Product details

Funzionalità aziendali di QAWeb

  • Piattaforma di sicurezza informatica all'avanguardia con facile implementazione (nessun server locale richiesto)
  • Calibrazione automatizzata ed esecuzione del test QA con archiviazione centralizzata dei dati
  • Politiche e struttura organizzativa flessibili e scalabili
  • Visualizzazione intuitiva del dashboard con trascinamento della selezione di tutte le workstation
  • Azioni remote, riparazione automatica e notifiche e-mail
  • Connessione di un numero qualsiasi di workstation e display
“QAWeb has taken our workflow from fifteen to twenty hours of manual calibration down to about five to ten minutes.”
Fred Linthicum, Senior Analyst on the Diagnostic Imaging Team, Piedmont Healthcare, US

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