In today’s fast moving technology market, each sector is looking to make a mark in the world. However, only when there is a seamless flow of information between every sector, can the dream of living in a smart city be achieved. Barco is the world leader in the visualization technology and offers a suite of cutting edge products and services for command and control centers, network operation centers, emergency operation centers, crisis management rooms, enterprise, corporate, entertainment and healthcare. With vision towards using user-friendly technology to eliminate inherent complexities, Barco is the smartest solution to bring clarity in world of chaos.

The smarter visualization approach to build a smart city


Our universal visualization platform ensures it is possible to collect and collaborate all possible types of sources or data in various formats. Barco ensures full flexibility to:
  • Collect & collaborate multiple data inputs
  • Collect from a single or a distributed network of sources
  • Capture low to high-density inputs corporates, healthcare, entertainment


Our wide portfolio of visualization solutions offer a host of solutions that changes the way professionals from various industries visualize.

  • Dedicated software and a range of professional services make sure you get the most out of your video wall
  • A range of reliable projectors for meeting rooms, cinema, events and simulation
  • Our displays, monitors and workstations bring accuracy and efficiency to a host of industries and markets


By collaborating, distributing and displaying these solutions, Barco seamlessly integrates existing software and new connections to make a smart city that not just meets day to day requirements but offers solutions for making smarter and better lifestyle choices. Barco also offers full flexibility to:

  • Distribute and publish sources to any display
  • Include unmanned displays or digital signages
  • Follow up, coordinate or monitor data in real time


Efficient collaboration and decision making are only possible, if decision makers have easy and timely access to quality information. Barco now prides itself on collaborating without boundaries, through fast and easy interaction and helping people take more informed and faster decisions.

  • Easy & timely access to quality information
  • Fast easy interaction & efficient collaboration 
  • Informed & faster decisions


Easy & timely access to quality information
Fast easy interaction & efficient collaboration 
Informed & faster decisions


Collaborate & distribute
Seamless integration of data
Informed & faster decisio

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