SLM R10 Executive

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Informazioni su SLM R10 Executive

Powerful Performance, Compact Size

Barco’s SLM R10 Executive is considered the best in its class projector, for fixed installations in high-profile venues like customer centers, conference halls and auditoriums. Thanks to the combination of three-chip Digital Light Processing (DLP™) technology and Barco’s powerful pixel map processing, you will enjoy sharp, vibrant video images, with remarkable color depth and uniformity. This versatile SLM projector with SXGA resolution and a brightness level of  10,000 ANSI lumens further offers picture-in-picture and seamless source switching capabilities.


High brightness and superior image quality
  • Light output of 10,000 ANSI lumens: the right projection solution for convincing and compelling presentations for large audiences.
  • Vibrant and astonishing real images, thanks to high definition DLP™ technology.
  • Resolution: S-XGA DMDs (1280x1024)
  • Powerful Xenon lamp
Seamless source switching
  • Switch sources on-the-fly without distracting on-screen warning messages or irritating waiting intervals
  • No need to go to the expense of external switchers.
  • Special effects like fade in and fade out offer smooth visual transitions when switching sources.


  • Show two sources simultaneously on one screen
    Show two data and/or video images at one time, in whatever combination: video-in-video, data-in-video, video-in-data or data-in data. When you position the second source, you can choose from 4 locations on the screen: up/right, up/left, down/right, and down/left. 
  • The picture-in-picture functionality is ideal for large-screen applications. A typical presentation can be shown alongside a video capture of the speaker or a corporate movie.

The reference for multiple-screen applications

  • Color uniformity
    Thanks to the powerful DLP three-chip technology, the color uniformity over multiple screens is guaranteed.
  • Uniform brightness over multiple screens:
    Barco’s smart Linked Constant Light Output feature (linked CLO) synchronizes and automatically adjusts the light output of linked ‘SLM’ Executive projectors, resulting in a uniform brightness over multiple screens.
  • Unique edge-blending software:
    When projecting on multiple-adherent screens, to obtain panoramic images, it is important to ensure a smooth overlap of the different images. Barco developed a unique software, called ScenergiX, avaialble standard on SLM R10 Executive.
Remote control & diagnostics thanks to network connectivity
  • Thanks to the optional network interface, the SLM projector becomes an IP addressable device.
  • The Facility Manager can access and manage projectors in different locations from one central point or from a remote location.
  • Result: lower total cost of ownership
  • Status information like total runtime of the projector as well as warnings like lamp-life status can be sent to the AV Facility Manager via email, resulting in an improved and faster service.
Connect any peripheral
  • Display a broad range of sources, from DVD to SDI Digital Video, and from the latest HDTV sources to all of today's popular RGB computer formats.
  • Overview of input connections:
  • 2 Multifunctional 5-cables input for the connection of
    RGB analog signals with standard sync or tri-level sync
    Standard Video Signals (Component Video and Composite Video)
    S-VHS Signals
  • SDI loop-trough: to easily connect the latest generation of digital video.
  • 10 Base-T ready: enjoy remote control & diagnostics thanks to this optional network interface.
  • RS232/RS422 in/out: communication modules for software uploads and for communication with third party control panels and PC’s
  • DVI in/DVI out:the digital standard for data connections. The digital signal from the computer is transmitted directly to the LCD panels with minimal degradation or interference.
  • Video-input with decoder:to process additional video signals, and allows to switch seamlessly between two video sources.
Flexible: make trade-off between brightness and contrast
  • Select the High Contrast Mode for applications where you need high-contrast images, like high-quality video in an auditorium. With this feature, a contrast ratio of > 1600:1 will be attained, but the light output level will be reduced by half.
    Switch back to the normal 10,000 ANSI lumens brightness, for a data presentation in a brightly lit auditorium.
Easy to set-up and maintain
  • Features enabling easy installation:
    Extreme horizontal and vertical extreme lens shift capabilities
    Motorized “click-and-playTM” lenses
    Multifunctional Frame for direct stacking (redundancy)
  • Greater accessibility to serviceable parts, even in fixed ceiling mount installation
    The modular structure of the SLM series, enhances the maintenance
    and serviceability of the projectors.







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