Turning an unused attic into a beautiful private cinema

Late 2019 Tecnoclima brought a customer to Genesis Cinelab in Marbella for a quick demonstration. The couple being into real-estate and interior design worked closely with Tecnoclima. But they had never experienced private cinema in its true form…

After a 15 minute demonstration in Cinelab (demo clips: Baby Driver; Ready Player One; Greatest Showman) the customers´ mind was made up. This is what we want. Like want it “now”. At first there was no dedicated space available in the home. Except for an unused attic.

Creative solutions

Being creative and innovative, interior design and technology were brought together to make this stunning cinema. The time between the demonstration and system delivery (finished early on in the Covid19 lockdown) was only a few weeks. Instantly, the cinema room became the family´s new favourite room.

A great example of architectural Integration is how the projector is mounted. The projector is built into the wall behind the table between the two sofas, which was the perfect solution for this private cinema room.


Built in speakers


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