Michael Bay Home Cinema

Installation by Surrey Hills Home

Check out this beautiful cinema built by Surrey Hills home cinema company. A project where they cooperated closely with Meridian and used their design service. The ended up using a 5-meter-wide cinemascope screen and the projector of choice was the Balder Cinemascope. Check out the video by clicking on the below link.

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Michael Bay Home Cinema

Hollywood with a Twist in Greensboro

Cobb Home Innovations, LLC has been providing home theater design and installation as well as smart home technology and specialty lighting solutions to home and business owners for over 20 years.

the latest home theater project from Cobb Home Innovations is hands down one of the most inviting media room spaces we’ve seen. Unlike a traditional home theater with rows of theater-like seating, this room screams “kick off your shoes and get comfortable because your mind is about to be blown.”

Michael Bay Home Cinema

Archimedia using Orion CinemaScope projector in this award winning Cinema

Archimedia won the Best Home Cinema, Level II EMEA (£40,000-£120,000) category for this brilliantly-engineered project that matched the client's vision and budget.

At the core of the home cinema is a high-performance Barco Orion CinemaScope projector. This 1400 lumens model incorporates an all-glass lens and colour wheel that delivers exceptional color images with high contrast and sharpness. An auto-cropping feature detects the presence of the black bars in CinemaScope movies and automatically upscales the image to full HD (2560 x 1080) resolution.

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Ceed cinema

Bringing breathtaking movie imagery to an exclusive Swiss chalet

What does it take to create the perfect home cinema? Swiss ceed AG, an expert in home automation projects, knows exactly how to bring breathtaking imagery to a home cinema. When one of its customers called in its help to upgrade his private screening room, ceed suggested the Barco Residential ultra-high-end Prometheus 4K Cinema at Home projector.

Michael Bay Home Cinema

Jerry Bruckheimer selects Barco Residential

With 48 films to his credit, Jerry Bruckheimer has witnessed first-hand the brilliant movie presentation of Barco’s industry-leading DLP Cinema® projectors. Recently, Bruckheimer outfitted his new home theater with a Barco Residential model. “Barco has always been a leader in digital cinema projection, and now I’m thrilled that I’m able to have one of their projectors in my very own home!” comments Bruckheimer.

When setting out to design his new home theater, Bruckheimer wanted to create a unique space that went beyond the typical moviegoing experience. Built in 1927 and once owned by Columbia Pictures co-founder Harry Cohn, the Beverly Hills mansion features a lavish living space surrounding the art deco-inspired theater. And, while it features two original 35mm projectors on display in a turn of nostalgia, only the Barco 4K projector (Prometheus Class), with its cutting-edge projection technology, is used to screen movies. 

“Whether produced in 4K, 3D or with Auro 11.1, movies are always better with Barco” 

Michael Bay Home Cinema

Michael Bay outfits home theater with Barco projection

Michael Bay recently selected a 4K Barco projector for what he describes as “one of the very best home theaters in the world” in his newly constructed East Gate Bel Air, California home.

“I’ve worked with Barco for 15 years, it’s my projector of choice,” comments Bay. “When I present my large-scale films to audiences for screening, I bring in Barco equipment. I obviously wanted the very latest and best technical specs out there – and with the image being the most important thing to me – I knew my theater had to have a Barco projector. It is simply the best.”


Barco 4K projector (Prometheus Class)


  • Architect: Jeff Cooper Architects Inc

Multi-award winning home theater installation

A family in Plano, Texas had a large wish list for their new home theater: the largest canvas possible for widescreen and multi-screen viewing, ultra-HD resolution and pristine color images, a high-fidelity, immersive audio system, and multiple tiers of seating with excellent viewing from any angle. And, all equipment had to be elegantly concealed. HomeTronics, Barco and other partners delivered a sophisticated, multi-faceted entertainment experience, featuring a Barco 4K DCI projector which delivers superior brightness, black levels, color space and high resolution for a perfect picture. A 1.89 aspect screen with four-way masking presents the largest possible image for TV, movies and gaming.  The world’s first residential Auro-3D® system in the United States completes the package, delivering high impact and crystal-clear fidelity to create an enveloping soundstage from every speaker in the theater.