Barco Certified Expert – Installation of weConnect Learning Solutions

This certification training course expands on the specialist course material, while introducing new topics and configuration that are completely new and require very different setup methodologies.

Descrizione dei corsi

While introducing these new capabilities, the trainees will also discover the networking and audio needs for the following:

  • Overflow rooms concept
  • Overflow rooms setup and configuration
  • Overflow rooms practice
  • Virtual Classroom introduction and concept(s)
  • Various components and their capabilities
  • Virtual classroom practice
Students will engage in hands-on activities in order to practice their learning.


The course requires a certain technical knowledge.

  • Basic networking knowledge: IP, DHCP & DNS.

Attendees should bring their laptop.
Additional devices such as smartphones and tablets are encouraged.

Pubblico di destinazione

Installation and Service Engineers, Technical Sales roles, and equivalents.



Part 1 
(Training introduction)
Overflow concept
Overflow room setup
Overflow practice

Part 2
Virtual/Hybrid Classroom concept
Virtual/Hybrid Classroom device roles
Virtual/Hybrid Classroom Sources and Audio configuration

Part 3
Virtual/Hybrid Classroom practice


1 day


€600 / $700

Lingua parlata



Barco Certified Expert– Installation of weConnect Learning Solutions (valid for 2 years from date of issuance)

Programma di formazione

Data Sede Posti restanti
mercoledì 28 aprile 2021 TR Berkeley University - Kortrijk, Belgium 8 Iscriviti subito
mercoledì 23 giugno 2021 TR Berkeley University - Kortrijk, Belgium 8 Iscriviti subito

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