Virtual Classroom session - weConnect Installation Expert

This remote training delivered via a weConnect Virtual Classroom, is aimed at providing an introduction to the weConnect education platform, all of its capabilities, and the installation workflow of remote classroom scenarios.

Descrizione dei corsi

Trainees will learn the theory associated with the technical aspects involved in installing and maintaining the system and will see a demo of the processes.

After the training participants will be offered a limited time slot to practice on a remote weConnect system and to set up their own virtual or hybrid classroom. It is not the same level compared to the full hands-on experience as provided in a live-classroom training however!
In order to obtain full Expert certification, you need to complete the live classroom course: Barco Certified Expert – Installation of weConnect Learning Solutions.

Goal of the training:

  • to understand the full weConnect offering
  • to be able to configure REMOTE room scenarios


The course requires the following technical knowledge:

  • Basic networking knowledge: IP, DHCP & DNS

Participants must have finished the weConnect Installation Specialist training.

To participate in the virtual classroom the following is required:

  • Laptop with Google Chrome
  • A headset and webcam 

Pubblico di destinazione

Installation and service engineers, maintenance engineers, Solution architects, Project managers



  • Discover the weConnect education platform offering
  • Explanation of different remote room scenarios
  • Understand the network requirements and possible limitations
  • Configure remote room scenarios: overflow room, virtual classroom, hybrid classroom


4 hours



Lingua parlata



After successful completion of this course, the participant receives a Certificate of Attendance – weConnect Installation Expert (valid for 2 years from date of issuance)

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