This is Part 1 of the Surgical Imaging Support Specialist certification training course, which will introduce you to Nexxis, Barco’s video-over-IP platform for the integrated operating room.


  • Introduction:
    • Nexxis Concepts and Architecture
    •  Nexxis Components
    • The Nexxis Network
  • Installation and Configuration:
    • How to configure the switch
    • NMS Installation & Upgrade
    • MNA upgrade procedure
  • Service and Maintenance:
    • Nexxis Troubleshooting
    • Nexxis service & support
  • Assessment
Target Audience

Technical support, Integrator installation engineers, Digital OR consultants and architects, SW Development


    During this training you will learn:

    • how to identify and operate all Nexxis components correctly
    • to understand the capabilities of the Nexxis solution
    • how to draft Operating Room architectures for hospitals with Nexxis
    • the theory on how to install a Nexxis solution for single and multiple Operating Room setups
    • the networking concepts behind Nexxis
    • how to identify operational problems and do basic troubleshooting
    • who to contact for Nexxis support

    This training will only cover the theory of how to set up, configure and install Nexxis, for full certification you will be required to register for and complete Part 2: which will be comprised of various Hands-on exercises, to ensure you can put the theory into practice.

    (Contact Barco University to request dates for the Hands-on training) 

    Goal: On completion of this training, you will have a good understanding of all aspects of Nexxis within the OR, and the theory of how to set up, configure and install a Nexxis system

        After successful completion of the Assessment, the participant receives the “Barco Certified Technical Specialist - Surgical Imaging Support - Theory” certification (valid for 2 years after issuance). Note for full “Barco Certified Technical Specialist – Surgical Imaging certification, both the Barco Certified Technical Specialist - Surgical Imaging Theory and Hands-on courses must be successfully completed.
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        Tipo di formazione: Video tutorial
        Durata: 2 hours
        Prezzo: FOC
        Lingua parlata: en

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