Corporate governance charter & compliance

Corporate governance charter

In line with its mission and vision, Barco attaches great value to corporate governance practices. Openness and transparency are at the heart of Barco and are also reflected in its corporate governance approach published on the website and the corporate governance statement in its annual report.

Barco’s Corporate Governance Charter is available for download here.

Should you have questions or comments about Barco's corporate governance approach, do not hesitate to contact the Compliance Officer.

Latest update: May 6, 2020

Corporate governance compliance

In accordance with article 3:6, §2 of the Code of Companies and Assocations, Barco applies the 2020 Belgian Code on Corporate Governance . This code can be downloaded via the link

Below is an overview of the articles of the Belgian Code on Corporate Governance which Barco does not comply with, as well as an explanation for such non-compliance.


The Board of Directors decided not to grant shares to non-executive board members as part of their remuneration. Such grant requires further analysis of the practical ramifications thereof, both for the company and its board members.

Art. 7.9

The Board of Directors has not set a minimum threshold of shares to be held by the executives. The remuneration package for executives is sufficiently balanced with various components to incentivize executives to pursue a strategy of sustainable profitable growth.

Art. 7.10

The Board of Directors endeavors to insert a ‘clawback provision’ in contracts of employment with executives to the extent permissible by the law governing such contract.


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