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INOGENI was founded in 2005 as an AV products design house. INOGENI has been designing and manufacturing best-in-class quality video capture and mixing devices to enhance video conferencing in Canada since 2012. The INOGENI products provide better and more customized online communications for CODEC and Soft-CODEC without any drivers to install. Our robust and secure products are also compatible with BARCO’s ClickShare Conference products. The INOGENI electronics engineering teams leveraged their more than 15 years of AV electronics experience to develop a versatile design enabling instant access to peripherals in any conference room. USB3 Capture cards and mixers connected with a computer will automatically recognize all separate devices as well as advanced camera or audio functions, enabling anyone to connect with and control all of a room's conferencing equipment. Our award-winning technical support team is available virtually to support any need that arises during installation.

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INOGENI Room Solutions for Barco ClickShare Conference

“Bring your own device,” aka BYOD, has become more than a trend in hybrid workplaces, it's the new reality around the globe. INOGENI products combine with BARCO ClickShare Conference to enable a better immersive conferencing experience.

With INOGENI products, anyone can connect easily and quickly with all the conferencing equipment in a room and control it: multiple cameras, conference system video and audio sources to the wireless ClickShare Conference System.

Less hardware complexity. No drivers, no setup! INOGENI comes with simple solutions that connect all cameras (HDMI, SDI, USB 2&3, etc.) with the BARCO ClickShare Conference. World wide distribution.

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MULTI CAMERA MIXERS: SHARE2, SHARE2U and CAM300 optimizes your ClickShare conference by enabling video with audio capture from up to three HDMI and USB camera sources. It features an easy and intuitive mixer control with picture-in-picture and split functions. Less hardware complexity. No drivers, no setup for your Barco ClickShare!

4K2USB3, 4KXUSB3 and HD2USB3: HDMI to USB 3.0 Capture Cards expands your ClickShare versatility and requires no drivers. It is the most reliable and convenient tool to capture uncompressed video from your HDMI Camera with audio to your ClickShare Conference device.

SDI2USB3 – SDI to USB 3.0 capture card is the easiest and most reliable tool to capture uncompressed 3GSDI video with embedded audio to your ClickShare Conference device. No driver installation. It features a 3GSDI input with active loop output and supports SD and HD video formats, up to 1080p60.

Validated Peripherals

Device Peripheral firmware ClickShare Conference firmware Solution area Type Interoperability
4KXUSB3 1.29 02.11 (最新) Room Devices USB-Adapter/Processor Compatible
SHARE2U 1.10.14 02.09 (最新) Room Devices USB-Adapter/Processor Compatible
SHARE2 1.52 02.09 (最新) Room Devices USB-Adapter/Processor Compatible
CAM300 1.10.14 02.09 (最新) Room Devices USB-Adapter/Processor Compatible
4K2USB3 8.39 02.09 (最新) Room Devices USB-Adapter/Processor Compatible
HD2USB3 8.39 02.09 (最新) Room Devices USB-Adapter/Processor Compatible
SDI2USB3 8.39 02.09 (最新) Room Devices USB-Adapter/Processor Compatible
TOGGLE 02.10 (最新) Room Devices USB-Hub/Switch Compatible
4KXPLUS 1.32 02.10 (最新) Room Devices USB-Adapter/Processor Compatible



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Quebec QC
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