Wireless presentation versus wireless conferencing: what's the difference?

When new technologies come along it’s often difficult to see the woods for the trees. Each release is billed as upgrade or successor to a previous or rival model, but when it comes to ClickShare,  our range of wireless presentation and conferencing systems couldn’t be more different.

Unlike many new product releases, our solutions are designed to offer something different. New technologies accomodate changing work patterns and make a new set of processes more fluent and efficient.

Rather than simply replacing the old with the new, our latest range of wireless conferencing systems has been developed alongside our range of wireless presentation systems. Our customers have the freedom to choose which is right for them.

Read on to find the all-important information you need about the differences between our systems to make an informed decision over which is most suitable for your business. Let’s get started.

What is a wireless presentation system?

A wireless presentation system is an intuitive, forward-thinking solution capable of changing the way you deliver presentations and hold meetings forever. A technology, developed with a user-centric approach that is incredibly simple to use but vastly effective. ClickShare wireless presentation solutions enable the user to connect any device - laptop, mobile or tablet - and start sharing content on the main meeting room screen in seconds. A range of interactive features like extended desktop, moderation, annotation or blackboarding help to make your meetings more collaborative and active. Wireless content sharing can add real value in any meeting room, from huddle to boardroom.

With no need for specialist cables or adaptors, there is no need to call on your IT department to find equipment prior to your meeting or to start meeting too late. Instead, a ClickShare collaboration system connects to the central Base Unit over the company network and offers up to 8 users the possiblility to connect at the same time, depending on the size of the meeting room and your chosen ClickShare device.

What is a wireless conferencing system?

Our meeting style has changed almost beyond recognition in recent times.  With hybrid ways of working - a mixture of in-office and remote working - as the next normal, it’s often difficult to get everyone you need in one room at the same, so a wireless conferencing system might be the answer. Rather than postponing or rearranging meetings, opt for a wireless, remote meeting with ClickShare instead, offering an effective solution that lets users connect in a matter of seconds – perfect when time is limited.

ClickShareワイヤレスコンファレンスシステムを利用すると、誰でも柔軟かつ自由にリモート会議を容易く開催することができ、ケーブルは必要ありません。 当社のソリューションの特筆すべき点は、ハドルルーム、会議室、役員会議室を問わず、すべての場所で使い慣れたデバイスを使ってあらゆるタイプのビデオ会議に参加できるワイヤレスコンファレンスとBYOM(Bring Your Own Meeting)です。 ClickShare Conference works seamlessly with your videoconferencing software, your camera brand, your laptop, and most importantly, makes remote meeting as intuitive as having a face-to-face meeting. It brings humanity, increased engagement and interaction back into videoconferencing.

So how do wireless presentation and conferencing systems differ?

Having focussed on the purpose of each system, and emphasised that they are different products rather than direct replacements, we felt it might also help to show how the two systems differ with a side-by-side comparison. While both systems offer a seamless, wireless approach with no training required and fast, effective guest access – along with enterprise-grade security – there are some key differences.


Wireless Presentation & Collaboration ワイヤレスコンファレンス
Improve productivity and engagement of local, in-room meeting participants Improve productivity and engagement of hybrid - both in-room and remote meeting participants
Share content on meeting room screen Share content on meeting room screen &  remote via local view of the room display
Collaborate interactively in-room Collaborate interactively in-room and remote
- Facilitate easy wireless conferencing, compatible with UC platforms
- Using AV USB-peripherals of the meeting room eg soundbar, camera, speakerphone...
Interactive, collaborative meeting experience Immersive, collaborative meeting experience
Seamless, cablefree, no additional training needed before use
Guest-friendly & flexible
Enterprise-grade: secure, centrally managed & network integrated




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