When KCP&L replaced its original front projection Transmission Control Center mapboard equipment in 2006, it selected Barco’s OV-80” DLP SXGA+ cubes , building a two-high matrix of 24 edge-matched lamp-lit projection modules to create a canvas featuring 16,800 x 2,100 discrete pixels of imagery. Because of its proven reliability, superior image resolution and maintenance-free operation, the utility decided to remain with Barco for the next generation of its system – this time to retrofit the existing Barco video wall with a brand new LED engine. The wall’s excellent black levels, consistent brightness enable even single-pixel-height lines to be clearly viewed on the display, even from a distance.

Utilizing Barco’s convenient LED upgrade kit, audio visual integrator AVI Systems, Inc. cost-effectively upgraded the previous video walls while significantly enhancing picture quality. Stephen Diebold, KCP&L’s Real Time Systems Manager – who presided over the initial Barco solution and is managing the new system today concurs: "We’re impressed with the clarity of the images and data on the Barco modules. The new LED technology enables our transmission system operators to read the same map-board displays at an even greater distance. This enhanced readability helps to significantly reduce the potential for errors." Diebold also mentioned, "Barco and AVI Systems have been reliable partners from the beginning, and we’ve enjoyed the experience with the original and the enhanced Barco walls."

In addition to the main control center wall, the utility also upgraded its Emergency Operations Center video wall, also originally installed in 2006. The Emergency Operations Center, which serves as the command center for restoring power during outages, is comprised of 15 Barco 50" modules.