The Sheraton Waikiki Resort employed a unique twist on the concept when they engaged PointCloud Media to create a show, not on the building’s exterior, but on the hotel’s giant swimming pool. Barco’s large venue projectors offered just the right combination of brilliant color saturation, versatility and ruggedness.

“A hotel swimming pool is typically an underutilized asset after dark. But it’s the perfect, giant ‘screen’ for visually engaging guests. Also, unlike a building, it’s a uniformly flat, monochrome surface with low ambient light and without the sharp angles that can complicate mapping,” comments Jack Hattingh, CEO of PointCloud Media.

Wagner Media provided the Barco HDQ-2K40 large-venue projectors, which were outfitted with premium lenses, and projectors affixed with mirrors and tilted in portrait mode to direct imagery onto five zones of the pools’ 129’ x 120’ surfaces.

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