PICOM, the French ‘Industries of Commerce Competitiveness Cluster’ develops innovative solutions that help the country’s retail industry to overcome economic challenges. In the cluster’s Shopping Innovation Lab (SILab) in Lille, visitors can discover and test the latest technologies aimed at conquering the hearts and minds of consumers. Featuring three main technological platforms, SILab represents the three main sales channels of the future: home, in the shop, and mobile.

A MOVE to simulate the retail space
One of the show-stoppers of the SILab is the MOVE: an impressive, immersive 3D virtual reality cave installation with movable walls. Powered by four Barco RLM-W14 projectors and set up by Barco’s European 3D-partner Immersion, the MOVE helps users to simulate retail spaces in 3D while simultaneously examining customer behavior.

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Barco solution

  • RLM-W14

Why Barco?

  • Active Stereo 3D