Since December 1 of last year, China has officially taken over the G20 presidency. This year, the G20 summit was officially launched in Hangzhou, China, attracting the attention of people around the world.

The featured artistic performance of the G20 Hangzhou summit was an elegant piece titled ‘Moon Night of Spring River’, performed by the China National Symphony Orchestra & Hangzhou Philharmonic Orchestra. Moon-themed scenes displayed during the performance were generated by several Barco HDF-W26 projectors, providing bright, illustrative visuals for the stunning orchestral work. Simultaneously, the complicated and precise on-site lighting control was managed by a Barco High End Hog 4 lighting control panel.

It is reported that the conference hall of the G20 round table conference is more than 2000 square meters in size, with a perimeter of 66 meters. The marvelous round table conference gathered together the leaders of several of the world’s most powerful nations. Barco is proud to have provided the multiple image processing system selected to amaze and inspire the attendants of such a high level conference.

The main conference room and working lunch hall both featured the latest 4K screen management system – the Barco E2, with the industry-leading Barco Encore system serving as backup.

The Barco E2 presentation system offers superior image quality, exceptional input and output density and the highest level of scalability and durability. Supporting native 4K input and output, it is the first and only screen management system on the market that can manage a 4K projector blend with refresh rates of up to 60Hz. A truly versatile system, it offers eight mixable PGM outputs and four scaled auxiliary outputs for full show control with a single unit.