Is there a failproof way to ensure the gazes of passing visitors at one of the world’s busiest trade shows? Why, just set up an amazing booth! Barco is lucky enough to have the best possible visualization technology available in-house. So, we pulled out all the stops for ISE 2017, one of the most important trade shows on our annual calendar. The installation that turned every head? Our ‘freestyle’ projection mapping, featuring a moving robotic arm.

Barco’s F70 projector is revolutionary: it has no mounting angle restrictions and can be rotated 360° while moving around.

Bush Cherroud
Maquette + F70 + moving arm
Teamwork makes dreams work. So, in early 2016 we sat around the table with NEXXT Technology, experts in video display systems, to brainstorm ways to amaze visitors at our ISE 2017 booth. The brainstorming sessions led to an exciting plan. Inspired by Barco’s new One Campus building in Kortrijk, the NEXXT team would craft a semi-circular ‘maquette’ to project onto using Barco’s F-series projectors. To make the projection really creative, media production company Fisheye would supply a moving robotic arm, which would then be fitted with our F70 laser phosphor projector. The F70 would work together with four F90 laser projectors and one HDX projector to display ultra-bright images onto the ‘One Campus’ maquette.

Revolutionary 360° rotation

“Projection is becoming increasingly creative,” explains Bush Cherroud, NEXXT’s CEO. “You don’t need flat walls anymore and can project accurately and dynamically on all kinds of shapes – even on moving surfaces. We were therefore really excited to work on the groundbreaking set-up, taking projection to the next level."

The result? A truly immersive projection mapping that took viewers on a journey to the iconic Barco headquarters. Bush: “This set-up demonstrated that Barco’s F70 projector has no mounting angle restrictions and can be rotated 360 degrees while moving around. That’s really revolutionary: Xenon-lamp projectors can only be used in a certain orientation (horizontal).” 


Barco solution 

  • F70, F90, HDX projectors