Barco has always loved the art and magic brought to life in night-time lighting displays. This year, in a celebration of heritage, innovation and creativity, the Singapore Night Festival helped us fall in love with it that little bit more.
The Singapore Night Festival has just finished celebrating its 10th anniversary. The focus was on rekindling the romance and beauty of the night, using light and exhilarating performances. We were lucky enough to be involved. 

In collaboration with our partners, Showtec International and EZ3keil , Barco was involved in lighting up the National Museum of Singapore with a spectacular display of projection mapping. As well as composing entrancing music, EZ3keil choreographed the phenomenal visuals. The broad façade of the museum building was the perfect canvas for the presentation entitled ‘Convolutions’. Light and colour danced around every nook and cranny of the architecture, creating mind-blowing three-dimensional effects. 

The presentation was made possible by the incredible precision of lights and lasers from six Barco UDX-4K32 projectors . Mr Chris Ee, Technical Director and Visual Designer at Showtec, was ecstatic with the results. ‘We love the UDX projectors,’ he said. ‘They’re the most compact, high-brightness projectors on the market. This makes the installation and shipping easier than ever. And the razor-sharp 4K images are phenomenal.’

The presentation at the Singapore Night Festival marked the first time UDX technology has been used at any public event in Southeast Asia. The UDX projectors are the latest in a long line of equipment that Showtec International has acquired from Barco. The partnership between the two companies dates back several years, to Showtec’s purchase of Barco FLM-HD20 projectors. Showtec have regularly turned to Barco to update and expand their equipment. Over time, they graduated from the FLM range to HDX and HDF technology, all before putting the UDX projectors through their paces at the Night Festival this year.

In fact, with the spectacular project put together by Showtec and EZ3keil, it’s clear the UDX range has a bright future ahead of it. The successes of the Singapore Night Festival have already spurred a number of requests for their presence at upcoming events around the world. We are all too happy to oblige!
Were you unable to attend the Singapore Night Festival? Take a look at the highlights here. And make sure you don’t miss it next year!