We feel very confident about what we are reading and can be 100% sure of what is being identified.

Dr. Paola González Balboa
Head of the Segunda Lectura Diagnostica

Due to the high demand for medical diagnostic services in Mexico, teleradiology has grown rapidly in recent years. However, there is a large deficit in medical specialists in Mexico; at the national level, there are only 0.8 doctors per 100 inhabitants, and in some states, this disproportion is even bigger in radiology, geriatrics, pneumology, oncology, nephrology and family medicine.1 For this reason, radiologists want to work more from home. Barco diagnostic displays can help achieve accurate diagnoses and ensure compliance with international quality standards.

Power and simplicity rolled into one 

“Teleradiology requires greater responsibility to make accurate diagnoses,” says Dr. Mario De La Portilla, founder of Priority Radiological Group. He points out that one of the greatest disadvantages is not having the patient present at that moment, so it is necessary to have the appropriate visualization technology to ensure diagnostic quality every time.

Barco displays feature excellent image quality, while MediCal QAWeb allows radiologists to efficiently perform calibration and manage ambient lighting conditions. Radiologists also experience less eye strain, thanks to tools such as SpotView™ offering rapid access magnification and contrast inversion, among other features.

1Official Mexican Newsletter No. 4601. Mexico does not meet the WHO requirements, in which it specifies the number of doctors and nurses per inhabitant.


Barco Solution

  • Nio 5MP LED display system
  • Coronis Uniti® display system
  • MediCal QAWeb online quality assurance service

Why Barco?

  • Excellent diagnostic accuracy
  • Accurate calibration with MediCal QAWeb
  • Scheduling flexibility and improved time management

SpotView™ offers rapid access magnification and contrast inversion, reducing radiologist eye strain.

Dr. Mario de la Portilla
Founder, Priority Radiological Group