Barco medical displays have helped us increase diagnostic accuracy as well as the efficiency in medical imaging reading.

Dr. Mahendro Aji Panuntun
Sp. Rad

One of the few international-class hospitals in Indonesia, RSUD Tarakan belongs to the DKI Jakarta provincial government. The health service provider strives to provide the best quality service to the community by enhancing human resource skills, increasing the use of technology, and improving infrastructure. As a Class A Regional General Hospital, RSUD Tarakan has become a regional tertiary referral hospital for Central, West, and North Jakarta.

Barco partnered with RSUD Tarakan to help upgrade their diagnostic systems from film to PACS while also improving the quality of diagnoses through better image quality. They found their perfect match in the Nio Color 2MP display. Installation for the project was completed in September 2019, equipping the radiology team with three units of MDNC-2221.

Redefining Clinical Diagnoses

Barco's Nio Color 2 MP (MDNC-2221) display system features LED backlights, delivering superior image quality. The excellent brightness and more shades of gray allow the detection of subtle details more quickly. The front-of-screen sensor ensures consistent and precise images at all times, making it an effective display for a multitude of applications and modalities.

The Barco workflow intuitive tools have helped RSUD Tarakan improve and increase productivity and the accuracy of diagnoses. The healthcare provider hopes to incorporate more Barco solutions in the future within their infrastructure landscape to achieve their patient care goals.


Barco Solutions

  • Nio Color 2MP (MDNC-2221) – 3 Units

Key Benefits

  • Color display with 1600 x 1200 resolution
  • Accurate grayscale and color rendering
  • Front sensor and MediCal QAWeb for easy DICOM conformance
  • High-performance 3D rendering with full 3D, OpenGL, and DirectX support