May 28, 2020

Webinar Highlights: BYOM – the new normal in today’s workplace

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Big changes, big trends. Barco's Lieven Bertier introduces you to the concept of hybrid meetings & BYOM. He gives 7 reasons to enable BYOM in your workplace. More than 500 people worldwide had registered for this free webinar. If you missed it, no worries, we noted down these key takeaways for you!

Our new normal is remote and hybrid

In just a few weeks’ time, COVID-19 has changed our world and our workstyle. We travel less, work from home and hop from one video conference to the next. Hybrid and virtual working is becoming our new normal.

“Hybrid work will put new stresses on your technology infrastructure — you must have the ability to maintain at-work and work-from-home tech at robust levels. This will be a new business requirement”. 

This quote from Forrester (April 2020) makes the challenges for IT departments today ever so clear. What will the role of the meeting be going forward? And how can we tackle this new workplace reality?

Why can't I simply bring my own meeting?

Going back to the office, employees have a higher need to keep on using the collaboration tools and experiences they are familiar with. Next to that, the challenges to switch between meeting rooms and between different conferencing solutions - often several times within one workday - are there. How can we keep up productivity and keep our meetings efficient?

BYOM - Bring Your Own Meeting- is thé answer when looking to solve the demand for more video-enabled and remote meetings. It tackles a number of challenges that arise in our new way of working. How do you change from one conferencing tool to another in a meeting room? How can you deal with complex meeting equipment? BYOM increases productivity, offers flexibility and enables effortless collaboration between on-site and remote users.

With BYOM (Bring Your Own Meeting) you host a video conference from your own device, benefiting from the audio and video peripherals from the room you are in. Of course, using your preferred conferencing solution (e.g. Microsoft Teams, Webex, Zoom and many more).

7 reasons

7 reasons to go for BYOM solutions in the Workplace:

1. Employees want to run meetings from their own devices

2. Stay flexible and agile

3. Safeguard your current investments in meeting room peripherals

4. Choose the UC&C solution you prefer

5. Have cable-free and hassle-free meetings

6. Get to the meeting straight away

7. Share the room dyamics

Watch the webinar now

Want a deep-dive into the topic of  BYOM and what it can mean for your enterprise here’s a full recording of the webinar.



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