Barco and COVID-19

Since the start of the corona virus outbreak in January in China, Barco has set up a global response team that is monitoring and supporting the company's operations on a daily basis and is focusing both on the safety and health of its employees, as well as on ensuring business continuity.

With this page we wish to keep you further informed on how our international company is dealing with the challenges imposed on us by the global pandemic situation.



衛生および健康に関する地域当局の規制に応じて、Barcoは全社にわたり従業員の衛生向上と出張制限を徹底しました。 また、テレワーク体制を強化し、すべての生産施設の従業員がソーシャルディスタンスを確保できるよう対策を実施しました。

昨今の非常事態においては、私たち全員に、常識に捉われない考え方が求められています。 リモート会議ツールおよびバーチャルクラスルームテクノロジーを提供する企業であるBarcoは、リモート環境でも同僚や取引先、お客様と自由に連絡を取り合うために必要となるソリューションを包括的に取り揃え、自社で活用するとともに、お客様に提供いたします。

Continuous commitment to our customers

Yes, most of our employees are working from home these days, but we still have you covered! Our teams are committed to be as responsive as before for your support requests during the weeks and months ahead. Our helpdesk remains accessible via the known channels for technical assistance and service enquiries. We've got it all summed up for you in this article.

Now, more than ever, we need to stand strong together to overcome these turbulent times. And so, if there’s anything else we can do to support you in these challenging times, please reach out! You can count on us! 



How to keep your equipment safe?

Working with remote teams


コロナウイルスとの戦いをサポートするため、Barcoが本社近くのAZ Groeninge病院へ贈呈した贈り物