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Demetra joins forces with Dermicus, a Barco company

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Thank you for visiting our Dermatology pages. As of 7 September 2022, we joined forces with colleagues in Sweden and launched a new company that will continue our Demetra business: Dermicus, a Barco company. All the information on this page is still relevant, and there will be no changes for our existing users. But in the future, you'll be able to learn more about Demetra and get support via the Dermicus website.

Read all about the merge in our press release.

Imagine a smarter way of doing skin examinations.That’s what Demetra is all about.Smartly enhancing your workflow.Taking dermoscopic, close-up and overview images.Providing intelligent and augmented insights.While remaining uniquely affordable, accessible and future-proof.Demetra is ingeniously designed to expand your expertise.

What do your colleagues think of Demetra?

See how other medical professionals are benefiting from Barco Demetra.

“Thanks to Demetra’s excellent image quality and user-friendly software we are able to identify even the smallest changes in affected pigment when following up our patients.”

Dr. Mark Vandaele,
Roeselare, Belgium

“Barco Demetra is an ingenious way of investing in your future as a dermatologist. I’m already looking forward to the possibilities that AI and deep learning algorithms will bring!”

Prof. Dr. Maja Hofmann, Berlin-Schlachtensee, Germany

“A major advantage compared to an analog dermoscope is the ergonomics. With Demetra I no longer suffer from tired eyes at the end of the day because I am able to use both eyes.”

Dr. Marco Andrea Tomassini, Perugia, Italy


Work smarter and faster


Demetra は、すばやくてインテリジェントな皮膚病変のスクリーニングを実現します。 この画期的でマルチスペクトルのデジタル・イメージング・プラットフォームはすべてのタスクを処理し、効率性と信頼性を高めます。 病変は人体像や臨床用の全体画像に映し出されるため、文書化やフォローアップが簡単になります。 また、これにより、患者が頼れるプロフェッショナルな医師としての信頼性が高まります。

1 つのデバイスですべてを実行

カメラやレンズの交換は必要ありません。 これから患者をスクリーニングする場合、たった 1 つのデバイスですべての画像を撮影できます。 たとえ体の部位のダーモスコープ画像、クローズアップ画像、臨床用の全体画像であったとしてもです。

Demetra Cloud でデータを安全に保管

Demetra はクラウドで実行され、IT 構造を明快かつシンプルに保ち、ストレージ空間やコストで不安を感じることはありません。

Demetra Cloud は安全な環境です。 認証、データの暗号化、その他の対策は、すべて GDPR および患者のプライバシー指針を遵守するために講じられています。 これにより、メモ、レポート、画像などの患者’記録–が–安全に保管され、いつでも利用できます。


皮膚損傷の進行を効率よく、ならびに手間をかけずに追跡して洞察を得ます。 Demetra では簡単に画像を比較 (例: 現在と 6 か月前、ダーモスコープと臨床治療) できるため、変化を見逃しません。


手作業によるペーパーワークを削減して管理業務を効率化します。 Demetra では、報告や文書化が自動的に行われます。 その結果、 業務が迅速化し、時間とコストを節約できます。

Enhancing your workflow

Demetra is extremely intelligent, capable of handling – and perfecting – every skin examination task. Transform the way you work and have more time for your patients.

  • Demetra combines the best of analog and digital imaging in one flexible, wireless handheld device.
  • It comes with a high-end touch display for smooth and ergonomic operation in addition to two integrated cameras for multispectral dermoscopic, close-up and clinical imaging.
  • Demetra allows the efficient mapping of skin lesions onto a mannequin or clinical overview photograph, making documentation and follow-up smoother and smarter.
  • Effortless and effective tracking of even the tiniest changes in skin lesions thanks to insightful and intuitive image comparison.

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Augment your expertise with informed insights

The power of the Demetra platform is unlimited. We continue to develop and integrate new groundbreaking capabilities designed to support better diagnoses with the deeper insights you need to feel confident.

  • See the invisible: New capabilities include Skin Parameter Maps. These high-quality images provide a clear view of skin structures and tissue composition. Blood contrast and pigment contrast maps, for example, provide more informed insights.
  • Advanced analytics: Other unique features available soon include automated detection of dermoscopic features, and computer-aided scoring allowing lesions to be classified objectively and consistently.

In the future, this next-gen skin-imaging platform will offer innovative deep learning algorithms to support clinical decisions in real time. As our community of experts grows, so will the power of this platform.




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From experts in medical image quality

Image quality is undeniably linked to the increased visibility and detection of subtle details. Our knowledge of high-quality medical imaging has led to faster diagnoses and better health outcomes worldwide. 8 out of 10 breast screening centers use Barco display technology to detect cancer in its earliest stage. Whether in radiology, mammography or dermatology, the tiniest details are of the greatest importance. Demetra combines everything we know about medical imaging and clinical workflow. It’s why you can never go wrong with Barco.

Clinical and Research Partners

Demetra has been developed with the support of the DERMSCAN Research Partnership.

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