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QAWeb Enterpriseは、少ない労力と低いコストで高い信頼性を実現し、医療系企業の成長に応じた品質管理とコンプライアンスの確保を支援します。QAWeb Enterpriseのシステムは安全かつ高度に自動化されており、お客様の施設内や企業全体にわたって、すべてのPACSディスプレイシステムに一貫した画像品質と稼働時間をもたらします。










Comply with regulations and standards

According to a survey from The MarkeTech Group, 2017, 95% of IT respondents struggle with the complexity of complying to changing QC requirements and guidelines. That’s why Barco developed QAWeb Enterprise. It automates QA and compliance tests, and thanks to auto-healing, issues can be resolved in no time from anywhere, reducing effort and cost.

Scalable across your enterprise

QAWeb Enterprise meets the needs of expanding healthcare organizations. The sophisticated system grows with your enterprise, enabling you to maximize IT resources and assure uptime while reducing costs. Thanks to the central, secure, and flexible structure of QAWeb Enterprise, you can customize policies, tailor views and mange notifications to fit your needs.


お客様は、希望どおりに ポリシーをカスタマイズし、時間や品質計画に見合うようタスクをスケジューリングできます。



Intuitive and powerful new dashboard

Meet a new, intuitive dashboard that provides a centralized overview of all facilities and workstations. QAWeb Enterprise offers custom views with simple filtering options and intuitive navigation control. 

Insightful reporting

For IT managers, it’s crucial to have an overview of compliance and QA status at all times. With QAWeb Enterprise, you can easily access reports and prepare for audits. Keep an eye on all assets, usage, lifetime, and warranty so you can optimize the value of your investment and plan your budget accordingly. 

Securely connect from anywhere

If you are looking for a modern, cyber-secure platform that is compliant with privacy regulations, your answer is QAWeb Enterprise. Our solution is easy to configure and simple to deploy, with no local server needed.

Always a clear view, no matter where you are.

Discover more about the connectivity and security architecture of QAWeb Enterprise


A cloud-based solution to suit your needs

This industry-leading solution helps you manage quality and assure compliance of your expanding healthcare enterprise with less effort, lower cost and complete confidence.

Product details

QAWeb Enterpriseの機能

  • 最先端のサイバーセキュリティ対策を取り入れた、使いやすいプラットフォーム(ローカルサーバーは不要)
  • 一元化されたデータストレージを活用する、自動キャリブレーションとQAテストの実行
  • 柔軟でスケーラブルなポリシーや組織構造を実現
  • 直感的にドラッグ&ドロップできるダッシュボードでワークステーションすべてを表示
  • リモートアクションや自動修復、電子メール通知も利用可能
  • ワークステーションやディスプレイを、いくつでも接続可能
“QAWeb has taken our workflow from fifteen to twenty hours of manual calibration down to about five to ten minutes.”
Fred Linthicum, Senior Analyst on the Diagnostic Imaging Team, Piedmont Healthcare, US

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Ensuring diagnostic confidence with MDR Class IIa

Our radiology displays and QAWeb Enterprise are MDR-certified as Class IIa. Their product information has been reviewed and cleared by independent medical and technical experts, and is audited yearly. In other words, we ensure diagnostic confidence and peace of mind for our users.

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