FLM HD18について

FLM HD18はネイティブHD解像度、18000ルーメンの明るさを持つ静音設計のプロジェクターです。液冷式の光学部とコンパクトなサイズは大会場でのレンタル&ステージング用途として最適なソリューションです。また、高輝度でネイティブHD解像度が要求される市場にも最適です。



Ultra bright 18K stunning images
  • High contrast 3-chip DLP™ engine
  • True native HD resolution
  • 18,000 center lumens
  • Contrast ratio of 1,800:1
Low Total cost of ownership
  • Sealed engine with constant image quality over time
  • Projector designed for high resistance against external contamination
  • Extended lamp warranty (750 hours)
  • Extremely good lamp maintenance (typical 1,000 hrs)
  • A new improved TLD+HD lens range (available as of September 2008) that is fully compatible with the industry leading Barco SLM and RLM projector series

Purpose built for demanding rental & staging applications
  • Fully sealed optics
  • Easy to set-up and install
  • Easy to service
  • Easy to transport
  • Removable lamp house, power supply & electronics
  • Low video delay (broadcast live events)
  • Universal lamp house for all FLM projectors

Fit for any Widescreen & Creative application
  • High brightness projection at 18,000 center lumens
  • “High-Contrast Mode” (2,400:1) feature enables you to make a trade-off between brightness and contrast, depending on your application.
  • Low video delay, very important when broadcasting life events
  • Ultimate solution for projection on multiple screens and special surfaces
New Projector Toolset Software
The FLM comes with standard “Projector Toolset” software, offering basic control, diagnostics and other features (e.g. a lens program). Additional software plug-ins can be offered as an option delivering added functionality for multi-screen applications, advanced settings control, etc. A user friendly GUI (Graphical User Interface) ensures easy control







ドライバー、ファームウェア、マニュアル、図面 & ドキュメントなどのテクニカル・ダウンロードについては、当社の製品サポート・ページにご案内させていただきます。

利便性向上のため、当社では最近のドライバー/ファームウェア & マニュアルを選び出しており、以下から直接ダウンロードできます。

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