On November 9th,  Bill Gates  launched the new operating system Windows Vista in Brussels.More than 6500 people listened to his speech in the big keynote area where 5 SLM R12+ projectors using Encore covered a 60 meter stage.

The four break-out rooms were powered by Barco’s iCon H600. Every presenter was impressed seeing Windows Vista running on the build in server of these projectors. A presenter stated " The nicest part of this projector is that you  can position up to four projection sources simultaneously onto the screen. At the Vista launch we used two windows:one to show the PPT on the projector and a second as a demo window. Instead of using a laptop to run the presentation,  we installed Office 2007 on the iCON and we could easily switch between full screen and dual screen."

"This week I even tested the network projector functionality"said Arlindo Alves in the Microsoft Technet blog," You connect to the Barco iCon using the network projector client in Windows Vista. I must admit it works ok but when the ppt is very heavy to send you see some latency onto the screen. Anyway this is a very cool product and the native resolution of this projector is super. The native resolution of the iCon H600 is HDTV1920 x 1080. Personally I find this the best projector I ever used so far and it runs Windows Vista.". :http://blogs.technet.com/aralves/archive/2006/10/28/ready-for-a-new-day-we-are-almost.aspx