Tullow Oil is one of the largest European oil and gas concerns, with a production output of roughly 80,000 barrels per day. They often depend on advanced and exact analysis of complex data from various sources, where even the smallest pixel on screen contains information critical in making the right decisions. For its collaborative meeting room at its main facilities in Chiswick, Tullow Oil contacted integrator C Hear to implement a visualization tool that could help them gain an enhanced insight into the data streams.

  Among the choices offered to Tullow Oil was the multi-windowing, network-centric Barco iCon H600, an advanced HD projector capable of displaying multiple data and video sources simultaneously in resizable or overlapping windows. Without looking back, the concern chose Barco. “It had to be a high-definition solution,” Alan King, C Hear’s integrator for Tullow Oil says, “because that was the highest resolution available in which they could analyze so much information on one screen. Lower resolutions simply cannot render the details they need. They immediately loved the iCon H600.”  

Barco’s iCon H600 is a network-centric LCD projector that features a 6,000 ANSI lumens output, and comes with a built-in Windows XP display server. The iCon is operated easily with keyboard and mouse. Due to its complete AV/IT-integration possibilities, the iCon H600 enables remote maintenance and tech support. It can retrieve any source from its hard disk or the LAN, WAN or WLAN and display these sources simultaneously in multiple windows. At Tullow Oil’s facilities, it powers a 3m by 1.7m screen and displays even the smallest detail in HD – details of the greatest importance.