Japanese automotive giant Honda has been a strong force in the world of Formula One for over forty years. Its F1 headquarters and Experience Centre are located in Brackley in the United Kingdom.

In the world of Formula One, the smallest details can make the difference between winning and losing. This is important for high-profile sponsors right through to parts suppliers. They take part in an environment which operates at the pinnacle of global motorsport and demands high-definition visualization of branding and sponsorship. As such, the Honda Racing F1 Team needed the right visualization tools at its new Experience Centre in the Wind Tunnel Facility to assert itself as a trusted partner for partnership deals.

Having collaborated with Barco in the past, Honda selected ten LCN-42 displays for the Experience Centre. Barco’s LCN-42 display is a 1080p HD LCD screen with a diameter of 42”. Its short response time of 8ms made it ideal to display up to six continuous video streams simultaneously and sequentially, in side-by-side screen setups. Thanks to the LCN-42’s loop-through function, this content is streamed efficiently from only one source. Its adaptable color temperature makes sure that it keeps rendering high-quality images in various ambient light conditions, so that visitors and sponsors enjoy the same vividly colored videos at all times of the day, under any lighting circumstance.

For its presentation auditorium that can seat up to 80 people, Honda chose the 1080p HD iCon H600 projector, a network-centric LCD projector capable of displaying data and video sources in multiple resizable or overlapping windows with a light output of 6000 ANSI lumens. Unlike conventional solutions, the iCon H600 comes with a built-in Windows XP server and is controlled with keyboard and mouse. Layouts can be created, saved and recalled instantaneously. In a similar fashion, the iCon H600’s Start Menu allows easy selection of external sources such as DVD, video, S-video or other desktops. Its network capabilities entail remote maintenance and tech support, and enable streaming and editing content through the company LAN, WAN or WLAN. These features make the iCon H600 an ideal choice for a high-profile presentation venue.