The World Economic Forum at Davos, Switzerland, is an annual summit of the world’s leading economists, politicians, thinkers and academics. At such events, visualization that meets the highest standards of quality and professionalism is key. For the last decade, Barco has been chosen by the WEF to provide this visualization, which testifies strongly of the consistent quality and innovation its systems bring to such venues.

The WEF of 2007 was characterized by great attention for the next step in networking: wireless networking. Towards that end, Barco equipped the WEF’s large, multi-purpose conference rooms, that each host up to 400 people, with network-centric, 1080p HD iCon H600 projectors, which features a strong 6,000 ANSI lumens light output.

The iCon’s wireless network-centric capabilities entail easy control with keyboard and mouse, and content managing on an integrated Windows XP desktop. This content can be streamed from any networked source, and input from external devices is displayed in intuitive, movable and resizable windows. Lastly, the iCon allows remote, centralized management of your projector fleet. It sends out automatic alerts in case of trouble, and your projector network can be shut down and started up automatically, eliminating a considerable workload for the AV/IT staff.

Another innovation at 2007’s WEF was the introduction of full, uncompromised 1080p HD quality. The main auditorium, which seated some thousand guests from all corners of the world, was equipped with a three-chip DLP FLM HD18 projector that features a dazzling 18,000 center lumens output. Its three-chip DLP technology ensures superior color depth, while its input-friendly design and sealed optical engine make it an ideal choice both for operators and maintenance people, because it requires so little servicing.