Barco helps ensure a truly immersive movie experience at Cinépolis Brazil theaters

‘Experiencing the movies’ is what the audience definitely does at the brand-new Cinépolis 4DX® theaters, located at the prestigious JK Iguatemi complexes in São Paulo and Salvador city, Brazil: the seats have electronic movements, which allows to simulate sudden drops, shake, vibration, acceleration and braking, and special features on the walls and seats to generate lighting effects, water, wind, mist and even smells.

Yet, a truly immersive movie experience starts with an excellent movie projection, of course. Cinépolis therefore equipped both new 4DX® theaters with a dual-stack 3D projector set-up, featuring two ultra-bright DP4K-32B projectors. The installations, which are Barco’s first 3D dual-stack solutions in Brazil, double the brightness, thus ensuring an exceptionally memorable movie experience.

Besides the new installations at the 4DX® theaters, the Cinépolis JK Iguatemi complex in São Paulo also features seven VIP theaters equipped with Barco DP2K-19B projectors. The installations are part of a broader commercial agreement: in October 2011, Cinépolis selected Barco as its preferred digital cinema projector supplier for 3,000 screens. The rapidly growing group currently operates 20 plexes (159 screens) in Brazil and plans to open 11 more by the end of 2014. Barco will gladly continue to power its ambition to become a 100% digital chain!

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