Monitoring TV signals on Barco’s award-winning LED video wall

With around 4.4 million services contracted and over 7 million users, cable operator ONO leads the Spanish market in residential telephone, television and Internet services. On top of that, ONO also offers value-added telecommunications services to SMEs, large companies and institutions. Ever since its inception, ONO’s commitment to technological innovation has been one of the keys to its success.

So when the Spanish cabler looked for a new visualization solution to replace the LCD screens in its TV control room, it chose the trusted and high-quality technology of Barco: a turnkey Barco installation, composed of a large LED rear-projection wall (OLF-721 modules in a curved 7 x 1 configuration).

The reasons to choose the OLF series were multiple. Firstly, the modules produce an excellent viewing experience, with the sharpest and most saturated colors in full HD resolution (1920x1080), from every corner of the room. Thanks to the integrated Sense6 technology, no maintenance or manual adjustments are needed. On top of that, the OLF modules have a small depth and come with front access, which means that all service interventions can be done from the front.

ONO has been fully satisfied with the installation, ever since the early days. Barco truly helps monitor the TV signals in the most comfortable, most ergonomic and most efficient way.