Finding Santa in Kristiansand: a modern Christmas tale in 3D

Every year, the city of Kristiansand in southern Norway transforms its town square into a Christmas wonderland in the month of December. Since 2011, a huge 3D projection mapping spectacle on the walls of a bank has become an inherent part of the ‘Julebyen’ or Christmas market. Each year, AV expert Blank designs the mapping and visual effects and delivers the projectors. The 2013 edition exceeded all expectations!

“Whereas, in the first year, we had rented our visualization solution, we bought three Barco HDX-W18 projectors in 2012,” said Kent Bakke, owner of Blank. “The projectors did a great job creating stunning visual effects that year. For the 2013 mapping, we decided to take our mapping to the next level, telling the story of a bouncing Santa searching for the real Santa Claus. Again, the HDX-W18 was perfectly up to the job: in spite of all the streetlamps and other lights on the market square, the images were crisp, bright and full of contrast. Everyone loved it!”

Apart from the exceptional brightness of the HDX-W18 projectors, Bakke and his colleagues also appreciate their compactness, simple user interface and their silent operation: “As they’re compact and pretty lightweight, we can easily carry and stack the projectors. And as they’re ultra-silent too, we’re even using them for indoor corporate events.”

Watch the video to see the Christmas tale come alive.