Apr 03, 2018

Use the force, benefit from the ClickShare Experience in your entire Enterprise


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Our enterprise environment is changing slowly but drastically. In meetings we’re going digital and green. We’re ditching paper, collaborating remotely and we need to build in flexibility in the way we organize our office space. You could even say, our collaboration strategy needs a thorough review to become future-proof.

What forces are driving collaboration in our company life?

More meetings are set up as remote and virtual meetings. Everyone needs to be involved, across the globe. And why not save time and money? Meet remote instead of travelling the world and increasing your carbon footprint. Your company’s sustainability is on the line here.
BYOD is still king. Everyone wants to bring their own customer devices within the enterprise and actually keep on using them in the work and meeting place.  Is your company BYOD ready?
User-centric tools force IT to think about ease-of-use and employee experiences. Slack, Skype for business and similar IT applications which you can use from your own laptop, are on the rise. The IT department needs to step in and push this type of tools via global strategies throughout the whole company. 
Out of the box and creative thinking are driven by frequent collaboration. And you need flexible meeting rooms and virtual spaces designed especially for this way of thinking in order to push your business forward.
The digital divide is not a fairy tale. The gap between generations driven by technology on the work floor is a reality which companies need to take into account. Youngsters bring their own devices and require a different tool set than older employees. How can you keep everyone motivated and up-to-speed with tech stuff?
Finally, there’s an inevitable push towards efficient use of floor space in buildings. Do more with less, set up stand-up meeting rooms or flexible spaces. Think multi-purpose, versatile, flexible!

Not your average enemies

These forces are not just threats. They can be used in your advantage; you just need to set up a strategy that will lead your company to the future of work. Understanding the needs of your employees, guests and business. Limit training, seek for efficient implementation and plan ahead.  Be scalable, manageable and multi-purpose, also in the selection of your tools.

Want to know more on how to set-up a future proof collaboration strategy and on how the ClickShare experience can be the force in your enterprise?

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