Dec 03, 2018

Barco Overture enables bright outcomes for Gude with proactive monitoring and “green” automation


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Kortrijk, 8 October 2018 – Gude and Barco have teamed up to offer a more proactive monitoring solution for campus and enterprise environments. Furthermore this new solution makes your campus or enterprise more energy efficient through software automation. As part of a joint initiative, both Gude and Barco have already been focusing on going green and this alignment amplifies each company’s value proposition in that area. Barco Overture software now supports Gude’s power distribution and monitoring hardware which enables IT staff on campus and in enterprises to better manage their device usage and ultimately save energy costs and increase device lifetime.

Power On, Power Off Automation

Barco Overture’s compatibility of Gude’s Metered & Switched Power Distribution Units (PDU) series enables proactive monitoring of device power into Overture monitoring and control software. By monitoring the campus environment using Gude’s devices through Overture, those managing the rooms and devices can catch issues in real-time before they escalate into more complex challenges. Better power management can be done with Overture by automatically scheduling devices and rooms to turn off at night meaning significant cost savings for the organization.

“Having visibility into the power usage brings great benefits for those managing the network space on campus and in enterprise environments” states Jan van Houtte, Director of Product Management for Overture.

“Proactive power monitoring combined with the possibility of switching connected devices are excellent features that Gude is happy to provide to its users. Thus, this collaboration with Barco Overture makes life of every ICT or AV responsible easier: They have everything under control.” adds Philipp Gude, Account Manager for Gude (

Let’s go Green!

Some forward-looking enterprises and educational institutes have already started looking for monitoring and control solutions that consider sustainability and green power savings. Fact of the matter is, many existing monitoring and control “solutions” are still hardware based and need to be updated and re-programmed every time a new device is added to the system. Hardware based systems have limited data capture capabilities and are therefore not able to offer advanced dashboarding and forecasting functionality.

Overture’s future-proof software solution requires only configuration and combined with Gude’s low internal power consumption within its power distribution device series stimulate a green infrastructure in campus and enterprise space.

Gude provides Metered & Switched PDUs to monitor devices such as displays, projectors, video cameras, media servers or other AV devices and can be also combined with optional sensors for environmental monitoring (temperature, humidity and air pressure) to control HVAC.

Coming soon!

Barco’s Overture team plans to eventually also add device drivers for Gude’s Remote I/O and Sensors product lines to continue supporting its user base.

Gude upgrades their devices to modern security standards and interfaces (SSL, SNMPv3, IPv6, HTTP/HTTPS, Telnet, Modbus TCP)   to make a difference. So every ICT and AV manager is prepared for the future and disposes of a sustainable installation with Gude devices and Barco Overture.

Special Offer to Educational Institutes

Overture is currently offering a Special Offer for Education to IT and AV staff members at educational institutes exploring new or complimentary solutions to remotely monitor and control all their rooms through a software-based approach. For more info:

Interested in Barco Overture? More info available at

About Gude

GUDE is a manufacturer of innovative ICT equipment for over 30 years. The company’s products aim at optimizing and enhancing ICT infrastructure that is typically encountered in network, server or media racks. Application scenarios of customers range from enterprise networks and media technologies to data centers and industrial environments.

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