Feb 07, 2023

ClickShare Conference CX-50 2nd generation designed with people and planet in mind

ClickShare 2분 판독

Sustainability in product design is fundamental to Barco. All ClickShare devices have the A++ ecolabel in Barco’s transparent scoring. The smart eco-design is reflected in ecological design choices, higher energy efficiency and better material use, with housing fabricated from recycled, non-paint plastics. With the launch of ClickShare Conference CX-50 2nd generation, we’ve made significant improvements in all areas.


Energy efficiency

All ClickShare products are optimized for energy efficiency. The CX-50 2nd generation complies to the strictest requirements for standby mode: it won’t eat away at your electricity bill and also reduces emission.

Energy efficiency

Material use

We pay close attention to the materials used in our products: choosing for non-paint plastics and opting for halogen-free PCB where possible. We also focus on using recycled, durable materials, all our manuals are printed on recycled paper but also the products themselves use recycled materials. The CX-50 2nd generation has 100% non-paint plastics and halogen-free PCB.

Material use

Packaging & logistics

Packaging is something you throw out right away and plastic packaging just ends up polluting the ocean. That’s why ClickShare now uses sugarcane packaging. A renewable resource: it’s fully recyclable and can be reused several times. Moreover, it’s biodegradable in a matter of months, so it doesn’t contribute to pollution and waste. We also strive to make our packaging as light as possible and our shipments are done by ship which reduces the shipping cost and carbon footprint of our products.


Designed for recycling

From the very beginning, already at the design stage, we keep in mind the end of life of a product. We make sure all parts of our products can be disassembled easily, which makes it easier to recycle them. Moreover, we offer a ClickShare Trade in Program where you can return your old ClickShare solution in exchange for a big discount on your new device. No need to worry about recycling: we take care of it. We make sure all materials are reused or recycled correctly while you are already enjoying your new ClickShare device.


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