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XLM H25에 대한 정보

Barco’s XLM H25 projector is the ultimate high-brightness projector available on the market today. As the first DLPTM projector with a native wide-screen aspect ratio, native 2048 x 1080 resolution and light output of 28 000 center lumen, the XLM H25 projector is ideally suited to ultra wide-screen projections.

With its functional design, fully sealed DMD engine and adjustable convergence system, the XLM H25 projector is purpose built to work around the clock, making it ideal for use in the demanding rental & staging and large events markets.


Reliable and built to work around the clock, Barco’s XLM H25 projector is a sturdy single box/cabinet projector.

Multi image windowing
The XLM H25 is able to show all 4 signal inputs simultaneously on screen. Leading the way in wide-screen projection, the XLM H25 can be used for multiple window wide-screen presentations without the need for an external image processor.

Fully sealed DMD engine
Barco’s XLM H25 features a fully sealed DMD engine that is protected against smoke and dust often found in entertainment and large event environments.

Minimum image latency
Benefitial for live events the XLM H25 uses latest technology to offer minimum image latency.

Easy to operate
Purpose built for use in the rental & staging industry, the XLM features an intuitive on-screen menu which ensures that the projector is easy and simple to operate.

Rugged Remote Control
Each XLM H25 is delivered inclusive of a Rugged Remote Control.

User-configurable lay-out
The XLM H25 projector also allows users to configure custom on-screen window lay-outs. Each individual lay-out can be stored and recalled throughout the presentation as required.

A specially designed flightcase is available optionally.

Adjustable convergence system
Its adjustable convergence system allows for manual adjustments in the field.

Liquid cooling
An effective Liquid Cooling System enables the sealed engine to reliably handle the extremely high light output.

Integrated rigging points
The projector’s integrated rigging points allow easy doublestack installations, which can be truss mounted. When placed on the ground, the XLM H25 projector can even be triple-stacked without requiring additional support structures.

Modular inputs
The XLM H25 is equipped with four standard input slots which accommodate both analogue and digital inputs. As standard, each XLM H25 projector comes equipped with RGB, DVI-D, SDI and HD-SDI input modules, which are all modular and can be exchanged with other input modules as required. The XLM H25 is compatible with all sources ranging from RGB-analogue, RGB/YUV (15kHz), DVI-D, SDI, Composite Video/S-video and HD-SDI.

Compact lamp house module
The XLM’s compact lamp house module allows for quick, easy exchange of the projector’s lamp.

Click & Play lens holder


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