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XLM HD30에 대한 정보

Barco's XLM HD30 is the brightest projector in the world that is natively equipped with picture-in-picture technology. It is the ultimate choice for dynamic presentations in very bright areas, such as large halls, conference theaters, auditoriums, and houses of worship.

Powerful projection for the largest venues

The XLM HD30's 30,000 lumens light output is strong enough to conquer any ambient light condition, and project images in deep, saturated colors on a large screen. Through its superior video processing and picture-in-picture capabilities, you can make your presentations interactive and energizing without the need for extra peripherals. In addition, it is amazingly quick to set up.

Extensive durability

Barco's XLM HD30 projector features a sealed optical engine that prevents dust, smoke or other environmental contamination from affecting its image quality. Additionally, thanks to its liquid cooling, noise levels are cut to a minimum which benefits the XLM's reliability, guaranteeing a long system lifetime and ensuring that your investment will pay off.

  • 2048x1080 해상도
  • 프로젝터 또는 전구의 광출력(lm)
  • 액화 냉각 기능 탑재
  • 가장 극한 환경에서 견딜 수 있도록 설계
  • 빠른 설치를 위한 설계


  • 완전 차폐형 DMD 엔진
  • 멀티이미지 윈도우
  • 이미지 대기 시간 최소화
  • 손쉬운 작동
  • 전동식 경사 조정
  • 고품질 에지 블렌딩
  • Projector Toolset
  • 조정 가능한 컨버전스 시스템
  • 액체 냉각
  • 통합형 리깅 포인트
  • 모듈 방식에 의한 유연성
  • 모듈형 입력
  • 램프 전원 이중화
  • 램프 하우스 모듈
  • 클릭 앤 플레이 방식의 렌즈 홀더
  • 플라이트케이스 옵션 사용 가능


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