DynaBlack is Barco’s new frame by frame contrast enhancement feature. DynaBlack analyzes every frame on the fly and distinguish dark scenes from bright scenes.
With ultra-fast processing and laser pulsing the projector can increase the overall dynamic range by making darker scene’s darker and brighter scenes brighter, which is crucial in today’s projectors, especially with HDR Content.

What does it do?

Inside the film strip you see three random images, imagine these are frames from a movie. Sending these frames through our frame analyzer we can enhance the dynamic contrast within the image.

Dynamic Contrast can also be called Contrast Enhancement and in many scenarios by applying dynamic contrast you crush blacks and whites, reducing detail within the scene. Barco’s method is much smarter, breaking everything down to a frame by frame level and we only enhance the blacks and white in that unique frame, never crushing the details.
We call this DynaBlack

Processing power

If we take a closer look at one of the frames we can see the powerful processing performed by the projector.

We understand the exact threshold of each frame and can therefore enhance the black and white levels based on the frames threshold value.

The processing power inside the projector is lightning fast, adding zero latency, nor image artifacts. This makes DynaBlack enabled projectors the ultimate gaming solution. Together with market leading ANSI contrast, high-quality all glass lenses, DynaBlack reproduces a highly dynamic, yet realistic image. Created within Barco’s own FPGA technology, DynaBlack is not hardware restricted, which means we can roll out this feature to all existing Pulse products, starting with Njord.

What is Latency and why is it important

Lower latency, also known as ping, is desirable to achieve that smoother gameplay and user experience we all want, without input lag. If latency is >30ms, it is definitely going to interfere with your gaming experience.

Imagine you’re playing a game where you’re piloting a fighter jet, someone fires a rocket at you, and you need to bank away quickly to avoid getting hit. If you have high latency within your system, what you see happening on the screen, lags behind your input. This means when you move the stick right or left to bank away from the rocket, it will take >30ms before your jet moves on the screen. This can be the different between surviving and game over!!!

Games where timing is crucial, like first person shooters and racing games, suffer a greatly diminished experience with high latency. In short, time lag from high latency makes gaming far less enjoyable and highly frustrating.

Competitors’ products turn off contrast enhancement and other imagine processing features to reduce latency, DynaBlack offers you best of both worlds.

DynaBlack Effect

Below is a before and after image that shows the effect DynaBlack will have on the image.
Every frame is analyzed,  we use the threshold of the frame to enhance the blacks and white in that unique frame. We call this DynaBlack.