Barco Certified Expert - Event Master (Level 2)

This course covers advanced setups and topics related to the Event Master series of products.

과정 설명

Topics include:

  • General overview of “engineering” a show with LED tile walls or custom canvases 
  • Examples of customizing canvases for Projection and LED walls
  • Instruction on the whys/hows of custom AOI canvases
  • How to create/use Custom Format resolutions for input (EDID) 
  • How to create/use Custom Format resolutions for output
  • Instructor lead custom AOI/Canvas scenarios
  • Hands-on AOI/Canvas scenarios
  • Instructor intro to Linking (Linking multiples/types Event Master Chassis)
  • Hands-on Linking practice
  • EC-210 Instructor lead exposure
  • EC-210 Hands-on Exposure
  • EC-210 Instructor lead scenarios
  • EC-210 Hands-on practice and scenarios
  • Practical & Written Examinations
  • Free time with hardware after the student has passed both exams.

Participants must provide their own laptop computer with the following minimum specifications:

  • Intel Core i5 or greater with at least 4GB of System RAM
  • Built-in Display with native resolution 1920x1080 or higher
  • Windows 7, Windows 10, or Mac w/OS X (High Sierra or greater)1  
  • Built-in RJ-45 Ethernet port (USB to RJ-45 Dongle must be supplied by attendee if not built-in)2
  • A full-sized wired or wireless mouse is suggested.

1A Mac GUI is supported, but may not be available in the software version taught during the course.  

2Understanding of basic computer networking and ability to configure the settings on your computer is a must.

전제 조건

You have two options available for meeting the prerequisites to this course:

  • Option 1
    Successful completion of the Certified Specialist Course and
    Operational experience with the S3 or E2 on live events.
  • Option 2 (only in US)
    Successful “testing out” of the Certified Specialist Course (Contact for more information)
    NOTE: If you choose to Test-Out of the Certified Specialist course and do not successfully pass, the testing out fee will be applied toward your classroom-based Certified Specialist Course fee.

목표 고객

Video lead operating professional (TD, V1, EIC), pre-sales engineer, anyone who will have to configure and understand the system from setup through operation.


Students will engage in hands-on activities in order to enhance their understanding. They will gain the required skills to successfully set up and operate the system in common set-ups.


3 days


€1.800/$1,500 *US Union Members receive a 20% discount. The discount and payment instructions are reflected in the payment request email received after registering: Contact with any questions.

사용 언어



Barco Certified Expert (valid for 2 years from date of issuance)

교육 일정

날짜 위치 남아있는 좌석
2020년 8월 25일 화요일 TR RC1 Sacramento, California 2 가입
2020년 9월 22일 화요일 TR RC1 Sacramento, California 2 가입
2020년 11월 2일 월요일 TR Stanford University - Kortrijk, Belgium 3 가입

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