Barco Certified Expert - F80 series repair

This training concentrates on the technical side of F80-series projectors.

과정 설명


  • Projector modules
  • General block diagram
  • Communication flow
  • Power flow
  • Optical components
    • Modules
    • Functionality
    • Alignment
    • Troubleshooting
  • Signal flow
  • Cooling circuits
  • Sensors
  • Safety
  • Diagnostic tools
    • Test patterns
    • User Interface
    • LEDs
    • Notifications
  • Log files
  • Replacing the main projector modules
  • Warranty
  • Service strategy
  • Certification test

전제 조건

  • Knowledge of or experience in ProAV projection basics
  • Basic knowledge about network communication configuration (IP address; subnet mask; WiFi)
  • Laptop with administrative rights (to install the control software)

목표 고객

Service engineers, repair staff, maintenance engineers, product experts, and other technical professionals.


By the end of the course you will have a good understanding of the projector modules, their functionality and how they interact. In combination with the set of diagnostic tools available in the projector this will allow you to efficiently troubleshoot any issue. Furthermore the replacement procedure of the important modules is discussed and the Service Strategy is explained.


1 day


€ 600 / $600.00

사용 언어



Barco Certified Expert (valid for 2 years from date of issuance)

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7,000루멘, 4K UHD, DLP 레이저 인광체 프로젝터

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9,000루멘, 4K UHD, DLP 레이저 인광체 프로젝터

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7,000루멘, WUXGA, DLP 레이저 인광체 프로젝터

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9,000루멘, WUXGA, DLP 레이저 인광체 프로젝터

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12,000루멘, 4K UHD, DLP 레이저 인광체 프로젝터

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12,000루멘, WUXGA, DLP 레이저 인광체 프로젝터

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