Barco Event Master Specialist online recertification

This online course provides recertification for holders of the Barco Specialist - Event Master certification. It also provides an opportunity to test out of the instructor-led course for those individuals that feel they possess the knowledge and skills to advance directly to the Expert-level classes.

과정 설명

This exam covers topics learned in the Barco Certified Specialist course including setup and operation of Event Master series products.  The online exam is Part 1 of a two-part exam process to recertified.  Upon successful completion of this online exam, you will be contacted to schedule an appointment for the second part of the exam.  Part 2 of the exam is a practical exam administered with Teamviewer by the instructor.

This two-part examination process is designed to ensure you have the requisite knowledge and skills to take the Expert-level courses. If you are unsuccessful, you will need to take the instructor-led Specialist course at a facility near you.  You will receive a $300 credit towards the cost of the instructor-led course.

If you are unsure of your readiness, please contact us and we will have you consult with an instructor to help you make an informed decision.

전제 조건

Individuals must either currently possess a valid Barco Certified Specialist - Event Master certification that is expired or about to expire or have the requisite knowledge and skills to test out of the Barco Certified Specialist - Event Master class and advance to an Expert-level class.

목표 고객

All Certification recipients whose certification needs to be renewed for another two years.


The purpose of the re-certification exam is to reinforce the knowledge and expertise gained in the Barco Certified Specialist -Event Master course and to meet the pre-requisite for entrance into the Expert-level courses.


1.5 hours



사용 언어



After successful completion of both Part 1 and Part 2 of the exam, the participant receives Barco Certified Specialist certification valid for 2 years from date of issuance.

교육 세부 사항으로 이동

개인 교육 계획 및 인증 프로그램

관련 제품

XHD-400 시리즈

종합적 쇼 디자인, 생성, 셋업 및 제어를 위한 고성능 미디어 서버

관련 제품

XPR-600 시리즈

종합적 쇼 디자인, 생성, 설정 및 제어를 위한 고성능 4K 미디어 서버

관련 제품


풀 사이즈 Event Master 프로세서

관련 제품

PDS-701 3G

저비용, 고품질의 스크린 스위칭

교육 등록 빠른 시작 가이드

Barco 교육