Image Processing - Barco Certified Expert - Event Master

This course covers advanced setups and topics related to the Event Master series of products.

과정 설명

Topics to include:

  • E2 Linking
  • Programming using the EC-200 controller
  • EC-50 controller
  • Programming exercises

Participants will be required to pass a written and practical exam to receive certification.

Participants must bring a laptop with Windows 7 Pro, Windows 8.1 or 10. Mac users must have Boot Camp with one of those Windows operating systems.  A Mac GUI is supported, but may not be available in the software version taught during the course.


전제 조건

Successful completion of the Certified Specialist Course. Operational experience with the S3 or E2 on several live events.   


목표 고객

AV professional, TD, pre-sales engineer, anyone who will have to operate and basically understand the system to set it up.


Students will engage in hands-on activities in order to enhance their understanding. They will gain the required skills to successfully set up and operate the system in common set-ups.


2.5 days



사용 언어

English / French / Swedish


Barco Certified Expert (valid for 2 years from date of issuance)

교육 세부 사항으로 이동

개인 교육 계획 및 인증 프로그램

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풀 사이즈 Event Master 프로세서

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확장 가능한 소형 Event Master 프로세서

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E2 Jr

비용 효율적인 Event Master 프로세서

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Event Master 확장 장치

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