This certification training course introduces all sales profiles, and anyone who is interested, to the Barco NT-Series LED Display systems. 

It also covers InfiniPixTM Gen2 Barco’s proprietary image processing system.

Course description

  • Product Description

  • The value proposition

  • Service options


    Target Audience

    Broad sales audience: Sales executive, Sales engineering, Sales Mgr., Consultants, and anhyone interested to learn about the Barco LED NT-Series.


    The goal of this training is to:
    • Learn about the NT-series value proposition

    • Being able to respond to questions from your customers.

    Barco Certified Specialist

    Barco Certified Sales Specialist 

    is granted after passing the short quiz at the end the E-learning

    자세한 내용
    교육 형식: e-러닝
    기간: Approximately 10 mins
    가격: FOC
    사용 언어: EN

    개인 교육 계획, 인증 프로그램을 방문하거나 취득한 인증서를 다운로드하십시오.

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