This certification training course introduces installers to the mechanical installation of Barco's LED NT walls.

The video based introduction course shows the setup from start to finish, and provides a visual guide to complement the technical descriptions of the installation manual. It is a mandatory introduction before enrolling into a hands-on Certified training class.


    Target Audience

    Broad Technical audience: Service & Helpdesk engineers, technical trainers, project engineers.


    To Install a LED NT-Series wall:
    • Read and follow the Installation Manual.

    • Be familiar with installing equipment requiring high-precision mechanical alignment.

    • Must know how to effectively use a laser-levelling device.

    • Must have safety training working on heights (cherry picker or such) if wall height requires such tools. 

    • Earlier experience with tiled LED installations is a plus.

    • Be sure to also follow the Video Wall Manager E-learning to learn how to wire-up the InfiniPix controller and render the NT-Series LED wall fully operational!


    • Improve understanding installation and servicing activities of the Barco NT-Series product-range.

    • Respond to technical questions from partners/integrators/end-users when doing Barco NT installations and/or service activities.

    • Be ready to take the hands-on training class on this product-range!

    Barco Certified Specialist

    No Certification
    자세한 내용
    교육 형식: e-러닝
    기간: Approximately 20 mins
    가격: FOC
    사용 언어: ENG

    개인 교육 계획, 인증 프로그램을 방문하거나 취득한 인증서를 다운로드하십시오.

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