wePresent – be introduced (English version)

This E-learning module teaches you about the models, capability, installation modes, functionality, and more.

과정 설명

This E-learning has following chapters:

  • 10 min. : Portfolio
  • 10 min. : Features
  • 5 min. : installation modes
  • 5 min : configuration
  • 5 min. : CMGS, SharePod

전제 조건

To play the E-learning:

  • You must have a browser that is able to play flash content.
  • Since flash is being phased out, some browsers may prevent the content from running properly.
  • If you have problems running the content, please make sure flash content is enabled, updated to the latest version.
  • You can also try a different browser. (IE, Edge and Firefox handle flash better than for example Chrome)

목표 고객

This training is intended for Sales profiles, Project Managers, and anyone interested to be introduced to wePresent.


Goal: Learn all about wePresent portfolio, installation, configuration, features, market position and more.


35 min


No charge

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No certification

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