Our ambition

"We will invest in sustainable employability by encouraging our people to learn and develop their talents and by creating the conditions for a healthy working environment – both physically and mentally. We engage in creating an inclusive workplace that embraces the diversity of our people."


Contribution to the SDGs

For the People pillar, Barco focuses on 2 Sustainable Development Goals, issued by the United Nations:

  • Decent work and economic growth
  • Good health & well-being

Living our DNA: Barco's five culture building blocks

Barco is on a journey to rejuvenate its culture  - in order to keep leading the pack in today's rapidly changing world. We have identified five culture building blocks that we use as points of departure in all our internal communications materials.

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We have a number of resources available that will help you better understand our vision on the People pillar.

Reports and resources


Key focus areas

1. Learning and development

Maximizing the talent of our people is one of the main focus points at Barco. We invest in hiring, developing and retaining talented employees, with a focus on sustainable employability.

Our mission is to promote and support employee development and organizational effectiveness by providing high-quality training programs and development opportunities that are aligned with the strategic needs of our company. Training sessions are designed to meet individual, group or departmental, and company needs and objectives. We investigate optimal channels for learning and development by offering online and hybrid training courses and by investing equally in job-related experiential learning and learning via interactions with others. This includes promoting internal mobility, creating a feedback culture, investing in people leadership, mentoring and coaching.

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2.Employee engagement

People are key to the success of our company. Barco wants its employees to feel inspired in their work environments and to come to work with energy and engagement. We therefore continuously invest in initiatives that maximize employee engagement. By embarking on the culture journey, Barco unites all employees to move towards a common goal. Pulse surveys to measure employee engagement enable us to identify concrete actions we need to take, to retain a motivating working atmosphere.

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Circularity3. Employee health, safety & wellbeing

At Barco, we care about people. That’s part of our company DNA and something we want to propagate at every level and in every branch of the company. Employee health, safety and wellbeing is a priority at all times, as is declared in our Environment, Health, Safety and Security Pledge. With multiple actions, we promote the mental health and wellbeing of our employees.

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Circularity4. Diversity & inclusion

At Barco, every employee is valued for their merits. For us, equality is not a hollow phrase and we take measures to ensure a balanced workforce. We strive for diverse teams throughout the organization and keep an eye on the equal pay monitor to optimize equality. A dedicated Women in Technology campaign encourages girls to pursue technical careers to ensure a better gender balance in the future.

Barco also works towards zero discrimination and harassment. Our Code of Ethics is a formal document that describes proper behavior, which all Barco employees have pledged to honor.

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