14 okt. 2020

Barco broadens its IoT platform for projectors: Barco Insights

Kortrijk, Belgium, October 2020 - Barco, projection pioneer and thought-leader across the entire visualization chain, announces the expansion of its cloud-based internet of things solution for enhanced projector management with the rollout of two new subscription packages, Diagnose and Control.

The launch of Barco Insights is aimed at facilitating remote monitoring and serviceability of projectors. It cuts out time-consuming and error-prone manual administration thanks to the cloud-based storage of projectors’ usage data and light source runtimes. The dashboards also give live information on the operating and environmental conditions of the projectors for more effective device analysis and proactive troubleshooting. Users can securely access the IoT platform on any device with an internet connection. There’s no complex setup or network configuration, no local host PC, and no software to install to make it all work – it’s completely plug and play.

Monitor – Diagnose – Control

Barco Insights for projectors is based on a subscription model with three levels: Monitor, Diagnose and Control.

The Barco Insights Monitor subscription offers live information on usage data and ambient conditions (e.g. humidity or temperature). With an upgrade to the Diagnose package, users can retrieve unlimited past data and consult the health history of their projector(s). Subscribing to the Barco Insights Control level enables proactive troubleshooting through health issue e-mail notifications and allows you to combine the Insights data with your own tools and processes with a secure API.

The Monitor level features are automatically enabled on Barco UDM and UDX series projectors for the first two years of usage. Barco Insights users can extend or upgrade their subscription via the Barco store page at any time to benefit from the additional functionalities each level has to offer.

We’re just getting started

“From knowing the health of your entire fleet at a glance, to quickly choosing the right projectors for a new project, the live projector fleet dashboard makes fleet management fast, easy, and accurate”, says Julie Daniel, Product Owner Entertainment Connected Services. “Turn on health issue email notifications to know within moments when a projector needs your attention. Or create, upload, view and share a diagnostics package with just a few clicks. These are only a few of the ways that Barco Insights will make your life easier, and we're just getting started!”

About Barco

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