Peace of mind with EssentialCare for ClickShare

The EssentialCare 5 year package is sold in addition to new ClickShare units or as 1 year package for your installed base.

When hardware or software issues come up, a quick and cost-effective solution is of the essence. ClickShare EssentialCare assures your peace of mind in case of hardware failures and makes sure you can return to enjoying your ClickShare meeting experience ASAP. The EssentialCare service package warrants priority access to our Barco experts and faster replacement of your ClickShare unit in case of a defect.

5 year coverage

Increased service levels

What’s included in EssentialCare?

5 year coverage

  • Extended hardware coverage
  • Free software upgrades
  • No unexpected replacement costs

Increased service levels

  • Fast responses from our helpdesk teams
  • Access to the online knowledge base
  • Express shipments to get replacement hardware on-site faster

What are the benefits of EssentialCare?

  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Long product lifetime guaranteed with continuous support
  • Avoid unexpected replacement costs of defective hardware
  • Solve issues quicker with advance swap, priority helpdesk and 24/7 access to Barco's knowledge base     

How to enjoy EssentialCare?

EssentialCare is a service package designed by Barco to improve the service experience of ClickShare customers through enhanced service and support levels. We offer a 5 year package with every new ClickShare unit or a 1 year package to extend the warranty of the legacy ClickShare installed base.


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