Where Barco technology serves creativity to become true art

In 1980, teenagers Wilfried and Guy Van Baelen converted their dad's old chicken shack into a recording studio, which they christened Galaxy Studios. It was the start of a success story. Thanks to their ardent passion for music, a constant quest for innovation, perfectionism and perseverance, Galaxy Studios is now one of the world's most up-to-date and technically advanced post-production and sound-mixing facilities for music recording, film and TV soundtracks - the home to local as well as big-name, international artists.

When Galaxy expanded its product offering with an image post-production unit in 2007, the Van Baelen brothers were determined to give it the same world-class status as their audio studios. Swapping their LCoS-based projector for Barco's DP90P digital cinema projector was a must to achieve that aim.