The Eye: an iconic digital billboard in the heart of London

Outdoor Plus, a pioneer in the UK’s outdoor signage market, is proud of the many large format digital panels, iconic landmark sites and premium banner locations it has across London and other key cities. One of the highlights in its portfolio is an impressive Barco LiveDots digital billboard, called ‘The Eye’, in London, UK. Its exclusivity and scale in an area previously devoid of any form of large format outdoor advertising, makes it an icon in the region.

As Outdoor Plus does not compromise on quality, it chose pioneering digital technology from Barco LiveDots to deliver unrivalled creative reproduction. With the help of UniLED Solutions, an LED display consultancy firm, LiveDots set up a large billboard comprising Barco’s rugged TF-10 outdoor LED tiles. Specifically designed for 24/7 outdoor usage, the TF-10 modules offer advertisers excellent image performance, color accuracy and reliability. On top of that, OutDoor Plus appreciates their energy efficiency and future-proofedness.

Every month, around 800,000 people pass by ‘The Eye’, which is strategically located at the hub between the City of London and the West End. Barco LiveDots helps ensure that advertisers really have a great medium to catch their eye!