Opening night goes with a big bang: a spectacular video mapping

The Sheraton, Aloft, W hotels, Le Méridien: these are just a few of the prestigious hotels in the global Starwood Hotels group. Operating in more than 1,134 hotels worldwide, the Starwood Hotels group is committed to providing its guests with exceptional service and personal touches.

At its annual conferences, Starwood Hotels offers its regional managers just the same level of comfort and luxury as the latter provide to their customers all year round. To kick off the 2013 EMEA meeting at the Aloft hotel in Abu Dhabi in style, Starwood hired a very popular DJ and asked Belgian companies Beam-Inc and Jorizon to design an impressive video mapping to project onto the hotel façade, near the pool. Four of Barco’s bright HDX-W18 projectors, rented from local Barco distributor Technopro, truly amazed the audience.

“Barco’s HDX-W18 projectors are doing a great job around the world,” wrote Jan Vanbriel, CEO of Beam-Inc. after the event. “Everyone in Abu Dhabi was delighted with the performance.”

Beam-inc. has worked together with Starwood hotels in the past, for the opening of the Aloft Hotel in Brussels, the film première of the Schtroumphs and the 2012 Festival of Light in Berlin, where it won an award for the best projection onto a hotel façade.

An impression? Watch the video.